About Us

Mobilized in response to the 2016 election, Indivisible North Metro focuses on improving our community and encouraging civic engagement.

Who we are

Most of us have never been involved in an active political group, and most of us did not know each other before joining together. At our first meeting in February 2017, we expected 5-6 people would attend, but instead 17 people came.

From there, we've grown to over 300 members across the North Metro Twin Cities area. Our rapid growth demonstrates that this area is not owned by any one particular political party. Progressivism has a voice from Brooklyn Park to Bethel, Arden Hills to Zimmerman, and throughout the North Metro.

Group philosophy and mission statement

While we may disagree with many of the policies endorsed by our current representatives (both federal and state), we love our country, and our communities. Living in the North Metro means that we do not live in a political bubble, but rather, we interact with individuals with different political viewpoints than us on a daily basis. This is a source of strength not a weakness. We seek to ensure that our federal, state, and local representatives are accountable to all of their constituents, rather than their party affiliation or personal beliefs. We are not for or against any one individual or political party. We are non-violent and engage respectfully.

Our mission statement:

We are a non-violent, progressive, and locally focused Indivisible group. We advocate for policies that protect and build a stronger, healthier and more inclusive Minnesota and actively resist policies that threaten these values. Above all, we seek to provide a supportive and energizing space so each member is motivated to continue to persist.

Group values

As a group we may not agree on every issue but we are united under a specific set of values. We use these values to determine when action is necessary.

Immigration and Refugees
We believe that immigrants and refugees are important members of our communities and will fight to ensure our representatives defend them and their rights.
Fair Representation
We expect our representatives to defend the rights of all of their constituents, not just the individuals who voted for them or contributed to their campaign.
Rejection of Theocracy
We believe in the separation of the church and state and will oppose any attempts to blur this separation.
Multiculturalism and Democracy
We believe that nationalistic and autocratic views directly threaten our democracy and will oppose any attempts to embed these views into our nation’s laws and policies.
A Right to Affordable Health Care
We believe that all Americans should receive high quality and affordable health care. The ACA should not be repealed until a replacement is in place and we will oppose any replacement plan that lowers access, quality of care, or affordability.
Protecting our Environment
We believe that it is the duty of government to limit the impact of industry on our environment.
Defending Public Education for All
We believe that all children are entitled to a safe, free, and high quality public education.
Eradicating Discrimination
We oppose any efforts to discriminate against individuals based on their race, socioeconomic status, gender/gender identity, or sexual orientation.
Defending our Constitution
We believe in the Constitution and will resist any threats to our constitutional rights.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about our group or our mission, feel free to read our welcome document. If you want to know more about the nationwide Indivisible movement, check out the Indivisible Guide.

As always, if you want to ask us a question, please feel free to contact us.